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XTREME Fabrication has a 24’ long by 16’ wide by 15’ tall sand blast booth with a 25,000 cfm dust collection system. We can blast anything from a rusty truck frame to paint removal on auto body panels to stripping of millscale from fabricated steel.

We use environmental safe recycled fine crush glass. The fine crush glass prevents surface contamination of the steel like other abrasives do.  Fine crush glass also will not hold moisture like sand or coal slag does.  We can blast from a SSP-10 to SSP-1 surface rating.  

Our blasting equipment is a Clemco 600lb pot with a 250 cfm compressor running it.  For our employees we also run a full pressurized blasting helmet.  We also have a small pressure pot blast cabinet that can do rims, small engine blocks, small parts, etc.

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