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Completed Xtreme Jobs

XTREME Fabrication has all the track maintenance tools your project requires.  We have Stanley hydraulic spikers, pullers, and rail grinders. We also have a 400 amp diesel welding machine that can be installed for those hard to reach bridge and frog welding jobs.   

We have completed work for many of our short line railroads in Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. We also are on call with several local railroad wrecking companies.  We always have Lincoln Frog Mag, Habco Railspec, and Frogspec welding rod in stock all the times. 

XTREME Fabrication has welding switch frogs down to a science.  Our most local customer (MMID) had received a poor repair job to one of their frogs by another contractor.  MMID experienced failure within months of the repair.  With our process at XTREME Fabrication, we have repaired the same problematic frog.  With heavy daily 60+ car trains usage, the frog has been trouble free for over 2 years after the repair was completed.